Day 4: Graphic Novels and Comics i recommend

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED BY SEALEA FROM THAT BOOKSHELF BITCH ( THE GORGEOUS HEADER WAS ALSO PROVIDED BY HER) Now i love me some  good comic books, they help my complete my GR challenge and i love the adaptation of words to art. Confession: a lot of times when i am lazy to read the novel i… Continue reading Day 4: Graphic Novels and Comics i recommend



Hey guys, I haven't written much this month and honestly that freaked me out. I was like what am i going to do what am i going to do [insert panic mode] And then Shealea from Thatbookshelfbitch  twitted this on Twitter SO yes i am making a #project14list , it will help me keep my… Continue reading #Project14list

Current Favorite things

Hey guys, I bring to you the things i am currently enjoying from books to cosmetic to music. So let's get into it P.S; Feel free to try any of them and tell me how you feel about it. Books: Confession Series(#1-4) by Ella Frank I just wrote a review on it check it out,… Continue reading Current Favorite things

Book Review: Confession series

Hey Guys, Its been a hot minute, i have been busy with my work i just rounded up the worlds most annoying assay Nitric oxide antioxidant assay. I swear to all the sweet potatoes in the world i was almost at my wits end with this one. But thank Jah I made it through! And… Continue reading Book Review: Confession series

Discussion: Cliff Hangers

Lets talk about the most evil thing an author could do to a reader. MUTHAFLUFFING CLIFF HANGERS. We all have experienced this, you are reading an interesting book the plot thickens and there's two pages left and then you find yourself praying dear lordt please let it end well...only for you to end up with… Continue reading Discussion: Cliff Hangers

Book Review: SeaWitch

Author: Sarah Henning Genre: YA retelling ( little mermaid), Fantasy, mythology Finished or DNF: Finished Rating:3 don't know how to feel stars E-arc provided by Netgalley Publisher: Katherine Tegen Books Pages : 368 Publication date : July 31st 2018 GR synopsis Everyone knows what happens in the end. A mermaid, a prince, a true love’s… Continue reading Book Review: SeaWitch