Day 14: Lessons from 2018

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED BY SHEALEA FROM THAT BOOKSHELF BITCH ( THE GORGEOUS HEADER WAS ALSO PROVIDED BY HER) So you are not going to see any books here today ( i need y'all to save your wallets there's a lot of spending to be done this year). As a closing end to this wonderful project, i… Continue reading Day 14: Lessons from 2018


Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’

Hey hoomans, Today's post is sponsored by dilemma because who the hell is sure of anything these days. I follow a couple of  bookstragrammers on Le Instagram. And here's what i have decided to define bookstagram as Bookstagram: the shit you will not be able to do if you don't have a thing for photography… Continue reading Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’