Day 4: Graphic Novels and Comics i recommend

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED BY SEALEA FROM THAT BOOKSHELF BITCH ( THE GORGEOUS HEADER WAS ALSO PROVIDED BY HER) Now i love me some  good comic books, they help my complete my GR challenge and i love the adaptation of words to art. Confession: a lot of times when i am lazy to read the novel i… Continue reading Day 4: Graphic Novels and Comics i recommend


Book review: Villains Rule: The Shadow Master

Tittle: Villains Rule: The Shadowmaster #1 Author: M.K. Gibson Genre: Fantasy Rating: 5'Villainous' Stars Date published: 19/07/2017 on audible Publisher : Amber cove publishing Synopsis from GR Hi, how are you?  Yes, I am talking to you, the reader of the this book’s description. It’s rude not to answer a person when they ask you… Continue reading Book review: Villains Rule: The Shadow Master

Pride Books wrap Up

I have given you the LGBT webtoons i am subscribed to in my last  CLICK THIS TO GET TO THAT POST.  I was looking for a good place to start because i always read m/m books and i wanted something more diverse, i consulted the oracles Bi Bookish babe, Smiling Jay , readable life and Aurora libralis  blogs and… Continue reading Pride Books wrap Up

Comic review: Casa Nostra

 Rating: 3 stars Type:Crime/ Noir Graphic Novel E-Arc provided by : Netgalley Recommended reader age : 15+  Author and artists: Chris Sarracini, Nick Kilislian (Illustrator), Matt Moylan (Letterer) In 1933, four women run a comforting safe house for Chicago criminals looking to lay low. But when the ladies find themselves violently betrayed by one of… Continue reading Comic review: Casa Nostra