How i got hooked on reading

I have always been a reader, but I have to say my reading intensified in secondary school. My first adult book was by Johanna Lindsey Heart of Thunder i was 12 ( they didn't group according to genres then, well at least in the place i grew up they didn't), I read that book like… Continue reading How i got hooked on reading


Day 3: Design a bookworm/dragons house

Hosted by Shealea at That Bookshelf Bitch Lets play a game. Lets design an ideal house for a bookworm with items they'll need. I will start with a list of all the things I want in my future home and in the discussion you can add yours 1. A huge  library. Yup this is a major… Continue reading Day 3: Design a bookworm/dragons house

Discussion: Cliff Hangers

Lets talk about the most evil thing an author could do to a reader. MUTHAFLUFFING CLIFF HANGERS. We all have experienced this, you are reading an interesting book the plot thickens and there's two pages left and then you find yourself praying dear lordt please let it end well...only for you to end up with… Continue reading Discussion: Cliff Hangers

TBR Lists in different places.

Hey Hoomans, I have got books, i have got books....different Tbr lists, tbr lists ( A little parody of Area codes by Ludacris ft Natedog). Once upon a time i thought Good reads was enough for me to organize my books, that way i would be able to keep tabs on all the books i… Continue reading TBR Lists in different places.

Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’

Hey hoomans, Today's post is sponsored by dilemma because who the hell is sure of anything these days. I follow a couple of  bookstragrammers on Le Instagram. And here's what i have decided to define bookstagram as Bookstagram: the shit you will not be able to do if you don't have a thing for photography… Continue reading Discussion: The ‘Bookstagram’