March-wrap up 2019

Hello Humans Yes i am still alive on the interweb spaces. I have just been melting slowly in this heat. #toohottofunction How are ya ? How was your March? I hope everything went well for you and if it didn't cheer up love, it would get better. Get hit with sunshine in your life!!  … Continue reading March-wrap up 2019


Monthly Round up #1

Hello you lovely hoomans January is over already..excuse me for a second TIME SLOW THE FUCK DOWN Right where was i? Back to the monthly round up, this month my reading started of pretty awesome. I read two arcs from Netgalley and Edelweiss ( my first try and i am shook that i got it)… Continue reading Monthly Round up #1

Monthly Round-up #3

Hey Hoomans, Whaaa its April already, i mean where is time running , slow down. I hope you had a Happy Easter and did not get pranked yesterday. It time for Monthly book round-ups and book recommendations. I read a total of nine books this month. I will recommend those that i love as usual.… Continue reading Monthly Round-up #3

Monthly round-up #2

Hey Unicorns, Black History month has ended, the best so far in my opinion( i mean common Black panther). Its time for February round up were i share the books i read and i HIGHLY recommend them, if you have read any of then please feel free to discuss below and as always recommendations are… Continue reading Monthly round-up #2