Currently doing 2: Books And Music

Hey you lovely Hoomans, How has your February been, I hope it's been filled with love and light and if not here's a unicorn hug for you I pray it gets better. This month has been a good one for me I am especially grateful for my health. I had a panic attack last week… Continue reading Currently doing 2: Books And Music


Book Review: My Sister the serial killer

Hello Hoomans It's been a while and that's because i'm rounding up my national service , i have a project i need to complete. I looked forward to this book since it came out last year. And then i had brunch with the author and other people.  My review is not in anyway biased because… Continue reading Book Review: My Sister the serial killer

Day 5: Overdue #1: Nigerian books

THIS PROJECT IS HOSTED BY SEALEA FROM THAT BOOKSHELF BITCH ( THE GORGEOUS HEADER WAS ALSO PROVIDED BY HER) If you have seen my  list for Nigerian books coming out in 2019   you'll know that by Jah's grace next year i will be drenching myself in Nigerian Literature. That said i should have read this books a… Continue reading Day 5: Overdue #1: Nigerian books

Day 2 : Nigerian books to look out for 2019

This project is hosted by Sealea from that bookshelf bitch ( The gorgeous header was also provided by her) Ooo we almost done with this whole year First off thank God for keeping us this far... And secondly..DEAR GOD HELP OUR WALLETS IN 2019. This year has been pretty amazing in books, we've seen  POC's get… Continue reading Day 2 : Nigerian books to look out for 2019