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Hey Guys,

How have you been? Its been a hot minute.

I have been trying to catch up on my GR challenge, i just have three books to go and i am done for the year HAZAAR!!!

I do have a feature post  coming up on the 19th Cerys browsing for books blog on the top five holiday themed comedy books and i think you should check it out ( pretty please). A lot of amazing bloggers are also featured on there check out their posts and get in the festive bookish feeling.

So since i have been away this is what i am currently reading

( pay no attention to my Goodreads currently reading list if you follow me there (if you don’t click the shiny button at the end of this post and be me bookish friend).  May Jah help us all with our TBR.


Buy My soul by Jade West

 Dark Erotica from the mistress Jade. I’m loving it so far and at the same time as always with Jade’s books i am clutching my imaginary pearls,

The Binding by Bridget Collins (NetGalley ARC)

A mystery this one is i can’t wait to find out all the answers.

Descendant of the Crane by Joan He  (Edelwiess ARC)

Its taking me quite some time to get into this one but i should be done by the end of this month.

Angels of Perdition by R.M Garino (ARC)

The continuation of the first book Gates of golorath..


I will be writing the review of all of them as soon as i am done. Initial thoughts fresh off my horn because the Lord knows if i leave it any longer i will not write any reviews ( yes we are all guilty of this).

What are you currently reading share in the comments below, are you enjoying it or is it just a meh read for you. let me know.

As always,

Booked Unicorn.


Current Favorite things

Hey guys,

I bring to you the things i am currently enjoying from books to cosmetic to music. So let’s get into it

P.S; Feel free to try any of them and tell me how you feel about it.


Confession Series(#1-4) by Ella Frank

I just wrote a review on it check it out, its really smexy and cute it has a HEA.

Fantasyland series by Kristen Ashely

Parallel Universe crossing, Dragons, hot smexy dragon kings, baby tigers that call you momma, being a Queen. That’s why its on this list. I am currently reading book 3 i’ll be sure to leave a review when i’m done.

Puck me baby (bad muthapuckers series) by Lili Valente ( Audiobook Narrated by Lili Valente and Tyler Donne)

An accidental oops baby by a star hockey player and girl struggling to make it on her own.

puck me

The Librarian’s Vampire’s assistant by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff

Cliff hanger of the century, i really look forward to the next part



LumberJanes series  by Noelle Stevenson, Grace Ellis, Shannon Watters

Friendship to the max and awesome adventures Oh hell yeah this is on my list of favorite things.

She Dreams of fire by M.K Gibson

she dreamsA girl with Witch blood fighting against a coven ( and evil witch bitch Vanessa). Friendship, strong ass aunts , family secrets and a twist at the end that leaves you asking for more.




Artists i am currently enjoying

Lizzo her voice is beautiful and her songs are empowering  AND she can play the flute and hit the shoot.. check out her songs Boys, Fitness and water me you’ll fall in love just like i did

Swizz Beatz

He’s back with a bang. With amazing collaborations on his album POISON , he delivers that classic swizz beatz sound that’s heavy on the percussion and you can help but jam to my favorite track is Stunt he features 2chainz on it

K/DA: Popstar

If you’ve seen that league of legends video then you know what this is, its straight up beautiful graphics and and awesome chorus ( ain’t nobody bring us down down down)

21 pilots and Disturbed

I decided to group these two together because their music is one with a message. If you are a fan of 21 pilots you know that their music always hits hard, Neon graves really got me thinking i understand why it controversial but i think in this day and age the message is needed.

Disturbed decided to go with more ballads this time, there are a few hard and heavy songs but it’s those ballads that really get you. We even get to hear Draiman’s evil laugh!



Kiehls SPF 50, y’all its dry season in Nigeria and i’m not trying to get turned into burnt toast bread. So i’m fired up with is baby a little goes a long way

Arami Essentials

I’m currently using their black soap Onyx polish and so far my skin loves it, in the two weeks i have been using the pesky pimples on my face has disappeared. It can be used on the face and body. I shall be getting more of it ( and yes they ship worldwide). Click here to get it if you are interested

Jojoba + Argan oil+ Grapeseed oil

The best thing for my skin this dry season, i mixed them all up and it keeps my skin moisturized all day long.

You can also use the O.G coconut oil and coco butter ( I know its winter else were so this would hep your skin)



Book Review: Confession series

Hey Guys,

Its been a hot minute, i have been busy with my work i just rounded up the worlds most annoying assay Nitric oxide antioxidant assay. I swear to all the sweet potatoes in the world i was almost at my wits end with this one. But thank Jah I made it through! And now this post is up because yours truly is procrastinating with statistics (don’t judge me!).

Tittle: Confession series, Book 1: Robbie, Book 2: Julien , Book 3: Priest Book 4 : The Princess, The prick & The priest

Author: Ella Frank

Genre :M/M/M, Romance

Rating: 4.9 ‘hot’ stars

Reader Age: Definitely 18+

I highly recommend reading the series in order because the stories are linked.

Julien Thornton  and Joel Priest are a married couple, they love each other but they need a balance in their relationship. Enter Robbie the princess of their dreams with his sassy mouth and beautiful heart, Robbie is just recovering after a breakup that left him doubting himself. Julien and Priest have baggage from their past, some of them life threatening but can Robbie heal their hearts before it is too late?


Ella Frank created the perfect balance for a polygamous relationship.

The problems i usually have when reading poly-relationship books is that most of the time they are not realistic and there is no balance. M/M/M books are difficult to pull off because of this and when you find a book that is able to bring both balance and a bit of reality into the story, it turns out to be a gem. The sex scenes were SIZZLING dear potatoes you might need to drink water so that you wouldn’t choke ( especially that scene in book two, oh wait you’ll just have to read it to find out). The dialogues are witty especially Robbie’s comebacks with Priest. 

This series is a gem, the characters are perfect for each other.

Robbie Bianchi is the muthafreaking princess of the world, he is fun to be around and caring. If color had a personification Robbie fits that description well, he brightens up the room were ever he goes and definitely brightens up Julien and Priest’s life. He brings out their protective sides but do not be fooled, this princess would cut you if need be.

Reading the stories i can see why Robbie was perfect, he is like a soothing balm for Julien and Priest, their ego’s are huge  and their wounds were deep.

Julien is a world famous french chef , he got his nickname ‘the prick’ on a cooking show ( to be honest the other contestant was being a dick). Julien blames himself that happened in the past and it hunts him everyday. Julien loves his husband and is clearly devoted to him, in fact it is because of Priest that he turns his life around for the best. Robbie was able to help Julien simmer down his ego to just the right level were it wouldn’t cause problems in their relationship. 

Joel Priest, the larger than life lawyer. Priest is running from a traumatic past, one he tries to protect his lovers from. He is a force to be reckoned with and no one messes with his men while he’s around. I like the way Robbie faces up to Priest, he was not afraid to call out is bullshit even though Priest is scary ( the good kind of scary). Despite his love of control Priest never used it against his lovers, he never made them feel less than they were, he uplifted and protected them.

He protec

Book 1-3 was them working out their relationship and book 4 is the nice tied-up happy ending bow. 

I missed them as soon as i finished the last book.

I recommend this series if you love love and witty dialogues and super smexy scenes you won’t regret it.


As always,

Booked Unicorn






Book Review: She Dreams Of Fire

she dreams

Title: She Dreams of Fire ( Hammer of the witches #1)

Author: M.K Gibson

Genre: Supernatural, fantasy

Ratings: 5 ” so many questions i’m waiting on the next one” stars

Publisher: Amber Cove publishing

publication date: May 3rd, 2018


Quick Summary:

Agatha ‘Aggy’ Grae looses her mom in a fire. She cuts herself, looses a lot of blood and then receives the blood of a witch that changes her life forever. Aggy would have to find strength to face her past and fight to protect the ones she loves before the coven comes for them.

The review

HOLY  TOASTED UNICORN HORN !!!  is what you’ll say when you get to the end of this book. At the time of drafting this blog its 2 am and i’m sitting here contemplating the meaning of life because author-san has left me speechless again ( Click here for previous book). The Journey through this book was a freaking roller coaster of emotions be prepared when you read it.  Your heart would break and then just as its patching itself up again it just shatters into a million pieces ( but it sweet torture i promise). 

I loved the writing, everything flows perfectly, the author did not reveal too much of the characters background at the beginning and that made me just itchy to know more. When the background stories were revealed it was just at the right time when needed.  The story kept me on my toes i did not know when something would pop out and make me go what the fluff. And the music playlist Aggy was listening to was perfect, i found myself smiling when i saw lzzy Hale, Maria Brink (Goddess) and Taylor Momsen. I mean a character that rocks out like me..i love.

I am trying my best to make this post spoiler free, so i cannot get into too much detail on the characters but what i will say is the characters are well developed. When put into tough situations they delivered, sometimes shocking( hidden powers and such) and sometimes betrayal( there’s a wtf moment).

I can however say that Ji and Al-Miraj are my favorite, they love and support Aggy through everything. Oh Miraj is a talking rabbit whats not to love!!Marcus is a morally gray character and he has PTSD from saving his friends during war. There’s something twisted inside of him, i would love to see how this plays out in the next book. 

Final verdict

Yes i do recommend you to pick up this book, it’s a perfect read for Halloween ( and honestly just any day you feel like you need a badass heroine and dope friends). It has all the twists and turns to keep you guessing. You’ll laugh, cry and have a good scare.

Links are below

Amazon UK


Let me know in the comments if you’ll be picking up this book for Halloween reads.

As always,

Booked Unicorn.


Book review: Villains Rule: The Shadow Master

shadow master 1
Tittle: Villains Rule: The Shadowmaster #1

Author: M.K. Gibson
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5’Villainous’ Stars
Date published: 19/07/2017 on audible
Publisher : Amber cove publishing

Synopsis from GR

Hi, how are you? 

Yes, I am talking to you, the reader of the this book’s description. It’s rude not to answer a person when they ask you a question. OK, I get it, 4th wall breaking is overdone. Get over it. This book, Villains Rule, is a fantasy action-comedy which you have to read. Not because it redefines the genre, far from it. But rather for what it contains. A villain’s tale. 
How often do you get to read a story where the villain is the protagonist? No, not an anti-hero, or a brooding monster, nor a hero thinly disguised as a villain. And not evil. If you want evil, take that nonsense to therapy. No, I mean a villain’s villain. The ones who use their power because they can, while morality is only a philosopher’s complex. 
This is the story of Jackson Blackwell, the Shadow Master and the top villain adviser. Sadly, even the top villain occasionally gets double-crossed. Trapped in one of the fantasy realms, Jackson has to use his skill and wits to exploit the rules, points out the genre flaws, undermine godly authority, and win the day. 
Because, that is what villains should do, shouldn’t they? Read this book, have a few laughs, and find out


The review

Where do i begin with this one, i just finished an audio book and to say that i am left in awe is an understatement. This is the kind of book i have always wanted to write, one that feels like you are inside the book and you are conversing with the main characters. Yes the MC here is an asshole and he lets you know ahead of time that he is a villain  but dear unicorns above he’ll have you rooting for him at every turn.

Julie Jackson Blackwell the shadow master (don’t call him Julie) destroys every fantasy trope you have ever known and laughs at you while doing it. He doesn’t break the rules, he bends them and  manipulates people to get what he wants absolutely genius. He is a businessman you don’t want to cross.  His take on traditional Villainy is delightful he really makes you see how dumb they are and how he makes money off them. I mean you have to be villain to really eat unicorns who does that? ( apparently its a delicacy in the fantasy realm)

I loved the monologues they were delivered with the confidence of a man who knows his shit and enjoys looking down on idiots who don’t. One of my favorite chapters is when he realizes he made friends instead of allies, i actually shivered and said eww.

I highly recommend the audio book just so you’ll get the tone used in this book. I even wrote notes on the clips, there’s one i had to reassure myself i finished University because Jackson was so sure i didn’t ( yup he gets into your head too).

So what have i learnt…Heroes are dumb, fantasy villains are really dumb and you can make money off them. 

Here’s the link  below because I absolutely recommend that you get into the mind of the hilarious yet devious villain Jackson Blackwell. I am on to book two.

P.s I will also share a link on Twitter where you can listen it for free on audible so be sure to check that out on @booked_unicorn 

Audible UK

Audible US

As always,

Booked Unicorn

(feeling particularly evil, excuse me while i go praise my villain laugh)

Book Review: Sleepless Vol 1.

Hey Rainbow army,

I don’t know if any of you have read Saga by  Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples if you haven’t hunny you are missing out. So i learnt they are going on a years hiatus, they recommended a couple of comics to keep us happy while they are gone, one of them is sleepless.

sleepless vol 1

Author: Sarah Vaughn

Artist: Leila Del Duca

Colorist: Alissa Sallah 

Letterer: Deron Bennett

Genre: Fantasy

Issues: #1-6


Date of release :July 10th 2018

Publisher: Image comics

Synopsis from GR:

Lady “Poppy” Pyppenia is guarded by the Sleepless Knight Cyrenic, but becomes endangered when an assassin threatens her life in the new king’s reign. As Poppy and Cyrenic try to discover who wants her dead, they must navigate the dangerous waters of life at court, and of their growing feelings for one another. Writer Sarah Vaughn (ALEX + ADA, ETERNAL EMPIRE) and artist Leila del Duca (SHUTTER, AFAR) team up with editor / colorist Alissa Sallah and letterer Deron Bennett for this fantasy romance.


The review

So after reading this comic, the first thing i did was appreciate sleep by taking a nap (WAIT! Its not because it was boring, i was just appreciating sleep i know its weird stick with me). 

We meet Lady Pyppenia poppy and her sleepless bodyguard Sir Cyrenic , now this Cyrenic guy takes a vow not to sleep FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE! in order to guard Poppy ( Dear unicorn saints above pizza heaven…if that was me That would have been a HELL TO THE FLUFF NO but hey that’s why its fantasy).

What i can tell you is there is court drama, the medieval kind and Poppy has to be strong or else she and her guard would be dead. Cyrenic is loyal and very protective of Poppy but he needs help quickly.  As for poppy, she’s graceful but she needs more wisdom in order to survive. And everybody in the court is suspect, as you read the book trust no one.

 The art it is gorgeous the styling of a black lady in a Medieval time is just something that has to be seen . It was really easy to read and follow the panels. This is just the first volume but the plot thickens and the cliffhanger is frustrating but hey good news issue #7 is out….but i will wait till it collects into a vol 2.

To get the book the link click here Amazon UK, Book Depository , Google Play

I hope you enjoy this book as much as i have and let me know in the comments which graphic novels you would recommend.

As always

Booked Unicorn


Book Review: In Tune

Hey Rainbow Army,

I have now completed In Tune for the synopsis and more about the author check out my previous post ( Click here).

I would like to thank Stephanie Tzogas for linking me up with this book via Netgalley. This does not affect my opinions about the book.All opinions are mine alone.

Now to this review:

First of  i just read a book with a black female lead….in a Harlequin Novel. That’s definitely a first for me. And then author-san just had to make Leona the girl  of my dreams

  • Strong
  • Hardworking
  • Can network to save you life
  • Beautiful with natural hair goals
  • intelligent 

Give a girl a break…

And then we have Luke ‘The Musical Prophet’ Anderson. The first pages had wanting to claw his eyes out i mean give Leona a break. But then reading further i understood why he came out aggressive at first its a sad story and i’m not sulky anymore because he made up for it ( with them smexy scenes of course).

What i absolutely loved

I loved the way Leona was portrayed, her work ethic is phenomenal, her team members respect and trust her. She goes above and beyond for her clients and even more for the people she loves. Despite the strong armor she has on, she is also vulnerable which just made her perfect. 

Luke, his passion for music permeated through the book and he loves EDM ( one of my dreams is to go to tomorrow land the biggest EDM festival). When he finally got his ass in check he was able to see Leona for what she really was and boy does he fall hard. I loved how he showed his tender side to Leona, his love wasn’t selfish and Leona deserved to be loved in an unselfish way after what she had been through before. 



I loved the representation of natural hair in the book, you get a taste of how its styled and our dear beloved shrinkage…and through it all Lukie Luke like it.

The sex was beautiful, it was all about true connection and giving. Not just taking but wanting to give each other true satisfaction. I had all the feels.

The team of people around her, the support  was just flowing through when a win happens they all celebrate and when something bad happens they all rally round and look for solutions. 

I  appreciated how she showed the behind the scenes of the making of a musician. 

I loved that both POV’s were included, the humor was also good Izzy is the best( and a professor in bitchology). 


What i did not like

Honestly its so minor but it did give me a slight bump in reading. There were mistakes, they just make you go huh? for a bit.

I really wanted to see Paul and Ivy get their ass served on a platter of gold but ah well.. i guess its best left to the imagination.


Final Verdict: 4.98 stars because i was in my feeling true out this books.


I highly recommend this.

As always

Booked Unicorn.