Release Blitz: N9NE A Tale Of Kevin Clearwater

Hello humans, aliens and spies Yes i am still alive and yea this blog is still running !!! Cut to the chase  today i bring to you today one of my most anticipated reads for this year N9NE A tale of Kevin Clearwater by T.M. Frazier. I had been looking forward to this release since… Continue reading Release Blitz: N9NE A Tale Of Kevin Clearwater


Book review: Red Winter Trilogy

Hello humans Do you ever have a feeling that something so good could be a lie but then it turns out to not be a lie ? Well that's how this book was for me. With every installment it just kept getting better.  okay time for a fun fact about this  Unicorn: I love Japan… Continue reading Book review: Red Winter Trilogy

Where the hell have I been

HELLO!!!! Hey you lovely humans and aliens spying on me... So i have been off for a while and in that time i found out some how that 200 people followed me (HARPO how did that happen). Thank you all so much and welcome to my bookish palace. So why haven't i posted or done… Continue reading Where the hell have I been

Cover Reveal: Nine By T.M Fraizer

Hello Everyone... It is my absolute my pleasure to be revealing the cover of NINE by T.M Fraizer It is one of my anticipated books its the last book in the King series , its out on JUNE 18th.. I can't wait for you guys to meet Kevin Clearwater and his crazy family.   Synopsis … Continue reading Cover Reveal: Nine By T.M Fraizer

Book Review: The fifth doll

Hello Humans Repeat after me: Dolls are freaky When i was eleven i asked my elder brothers who were living in Liverpool at that time to buy me a BARBIE DOLL for my eleventh birthday. They graciously said yes, cue to me opening the box and finding a CHUCKY DOLL. i still have nightmares till… Continue reading Book Review: The fifth doll

March-wrap up 2019

Hello Humans Yes i am still alive on the interweb spaces. I have just been melting slowly in this heat. #toohottofunction How are ya ? How was your March? I hope everything went well for you and if it didn't cheer up love, it would get better. Get hit with sunshine in your life!!  … Continue reading March-wrap up 2019